National Lottery - Scratch Card dispenser



In order to boost their sales of scratch cards, the National Lottery devised a plan to make their card dispensers more visible in its retail environment. The existing dispensers seemed hidden amidst the various impulse items that compete for customer attention at a typical convenience store counter. We worked with the NL to increase the prominence and allure of their product, making sure that the cards caught the attention and imagination of the Irish consumer. The design was required to tie in with NL’s existing POS material, these share a colour scheme of brilliant white, luminous green and light grey.



To evaluate the suitability of our concept designs, we superimposed renderings of each design onto a photo of a convenience store counter. From this, we found the best solution was to surround the dispensers with a bright frame that contrasts the surrounding environment. Since the dispensers are located right beside the cash registers, this guaranteed the availability of a power supply and presented an opportunity to incorporate lighting elements to further attract attention.

The surround is constructed from powder coated sheet steel with the exception of the lighting elements and side panels. The lighting elements consist of laser cut acrylic lettering together with a vacuum form of the NL mascot using high impact polystyrene. The side panels are laser cut luminous green acrylic. The header graphic is a magnetic vinyl which is interchangeable to promote new scratch card games.

Client : National Lottery / Ireland

Category : Gambling

Build : Permanent Countertop

WxDxH : 730 x 340 x 1070 mm

Materials : Acrylic, Sheet metal








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