Logitech UE Boom – Live Demo Totem



Logitech were preparing to launch the UE Boom in Australia, a portable 360-degree speaker that features Bluetooth connectivity, large battery life and a water & stain resistant body. To facilitate this launch, they required a display that would allow customers to experience its rich sound and to appreciate its compact form, additionally it would have to hold stock for 4 different speaker colours.



At this point the portable speaker market had become extremely congested, we knew from the outset that in order to gain some market share amongst established competitors the speaker would need a unique selling space, distanced from the busy portable speaker section. This called for a free standing display unit that had the freedom to move throughout the store.

The 360-degree sound is a focal selling point for this speaker, we wanted to demonstrate this feature by allowing shoppers to experience its sound from any angle encompassing the display. The speaker would be positioned high enough to allow it’s sound to resonate throughout the store and generate curiosity from those nearby.

Our solution is an asymmetrical totem style FSDU that features 2 contrasting elements. The white element is constructed from spray finished MDF. Custom stainless steel hooks are fixed to the front side on which the stock hang. The reverse side presents lifestyle shots of the product. The black element presents the demonstration speaker and product details. This is a box constructed from 2mm sheet steel in which the electronic components are housed. It features push buttons to play 3 sample music genres, a colour changing light band around the speaker which syncs with the music and an illuminated feature/price card. The cut through ensures the speaker can be viewed and heard from both sides of the display. A thick steel base is attached to the main body, this adds weight and stability without compromising on its sleek minimalist form. All steel components are powder coated gloss black for a hard wearing finish.

Client : Logitech / Australia

Category : Electronics

Build : Semi-permanent FSDU

WxDxH : 450 x 350 x 1740 mm

Materials : MDF, Sheet metal.








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