Logitech G PowerShell – Touch and Feel Counter-top



The Logitech G PowerShell is a case for the iPhone 5s which replicates a console controller and adds extra battery life to the phone. Logitech requested a countertop display to facilitate the product launch. The overall objective was to increase brand awareness, allow customers to interact with a demo device and to learn about its features.



At the start of this project Logitech supplied us with brand guidelines for their gaming range. These guidelines outline what colours should be used and how logos and artwork should be presented. This ensures their POS ties in with all advertisements currently being ran. We always ask brands to supply us with their most current marketing materials and advertisements as this will allow customers to quickly identify with the brand and product instore.

The countertop is constructed from acrylic sheet and features a layered design. The main body contains a pocket for product literature and explains product features through diagrams and text. The bright upper section draws attention to the demo product. This section is offset using stainless steel standoff mounts and is designed to be narrower than the body of the product to encourage the user to grasp it correctly. The bright blue colour evokes a sense of electrical energy', alluding to the product's additional battery capacity.

Client : Logitech / Australia

Category : Electronic Accessories

Build : Semi-permanent Countertop

WxDxH : 450 x 380 x 380 mm

Materials : Acrylic








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