Crep Protect – Digital Media Totem



Crep Protect is a range of shoe care products sold in many sport and footwear retailers in the UK. Their bestselling product is a hydrophobic spray which repels liquids and prevents stains on footwear. The client already had a number of generic digital media kiosks instore which looped a demonstration video of their products in use. They wanted to find a way to brand these and to incorporate stockholding.



The client required all merchandise to be displayed below the LCD Screen. Initially this area would have to accommodate 3 products but would need to be reconfigurable to suit different merchandising arrangements and new products. This space was extremely restricted and crouched which created a challenge. When exploring merchandising arrangements in CAD, we found the best way to maximise stockholding and to display the product would be to have it held in a way similar to French riddling racks, angled and projecting outwards. This way, the low lying stock can be viewed and accessed with ease. To reconfigure the display for new products and merchandising arrangements, we agreed that each product would have its own “cassette” which can be detached and swapped out. The cassettes have cut-outs to match the profile of the product it holds. The display can hold 3 cassettes but will be supplied with 6 to allow a store to double up on a particular product if they wish, any future products will require new cassettes to be developed and manufactured.

The rear side of the kiosk is reserved for branding. We discovered that the profile of the totem is a close match to the profile of their bestselling product, the hydrophobic spray. The company was founded on this product and we felt it could be seen as a mascot for the brand similar to the way WD40’s familiar blue and yellow can is for that brand. We mocked up a concept of a giant spray can to occupy the back of the kiosk and this was an instant hit with the client.

The end result was achieved without any modifications to the kiosk. A sheet steel frame simply drops down onto it and is locked into place. This frame contains all the fixing points for the outer shells and cassettes. The outer shell is vacuum formed ABS which is made in 2 parts. The cassettes are spray finished MDF.

Client : Crep Protect / UK

Category : Footwear

Build : Permanent FSDU

WxDxH : 680 x 450 x 1800 mm

Materials : ABS, MDF Sheet metal








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